Tuesday 17 July 2012

Auroras, Cuba Libras

Well, we had a lot of excitement with the KP (whatever that means) Aurora storm projections of 8-9, leading to the possibility of the Aurora being visible from England.

And so it transpired! Great stuff! Only from my garden, "The North" is across town and across an industrial estate, so it would have had to have been a mega Aurora of fluorescent pink and blue spots, there was no chance of seeing it. Unlike March 13th 1989, which I'll always remember for the sky looking like sunset was taking place overhead.

However, in  between clouds, on a crisp night, and in between clouds, the starfields in 10x50s were amazing. Cygnus and Cassiopeia were universe deep in glittering stars. Had a go at finding Messier 52 but I think this is too small, and at mag 8.0 too much of a challenge for my 10x50s. M39 was as clear as day though, as was Messier 31 the Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 13, and over in Ophicuchus IC4665 and NGC6678.

I had another look for La Superba, once again finding a rather pinky looking star. It's quite a sparse patch of sky, I must have seen it by now!!! I'm just not certain!

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