Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Butterflies in Willow Holt

Busy writing today!

Went running out to Willow Holt today, on a half sunny, half cloudy but warm and humid day. I was figuring after seeing a Southern Hawker by London Road lake there might be a bit more interesting life about with the warmer temperatures, and so it proved.

The meadows at the entrance to Willow Holt, especially at the Bramble bushes round the second gate, was busy with Butterflies - mainly Ringlets, but a few Meadow Browns and lurking close to the long grass and the bramble leaves, these citrus yellow moths - possibly looking at google Brimstone Moths, were very numerous.

On the part of the Holt next to the river, a large dark dragonfly whipped over my shoulder, no idea what and I never got near enough for a good look. It was Hawker sized, might have been a Brown Hawker I suppose. But further round, by the corner of the river near the power station, lots of Banded Demoiselles were flapping about, looking like insect X wing fighters actually, very erratic wingbeats compared to other Dragons and Damsels, they fly more like Butterflies.

And on the private path past the Bypass bridge, a Common Tern, tail deeply forked, was working the river, another great sight after a very pleasant run!

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