Wednesday 6 January 2021

The Kingfisher and the Goosander

 A couple of days ago was a sacred day for me, which goes to show what the standard of days have been for me - and I suspect most of us - as of late.

I managed to get my first ever kingfisher photographs, and got my first clear shots of drake goosander.

The kingfisher came first on my walk through Sconce Park along the Devon. I'm quite used to seeing kingfishers around town now, but normally as a blue blur with a neon streak down its back as it they fly somewhat like a hummingbird from where on the bank I've flushed them out. 

But this time, the kingfisher was sat on a fence post on the opposite side of the river, where I got one shot, before it flitted across first to some wire on the other side of a flooded patch where cattle often drink from. I got a shot here, then it just dropped into the water and caught a small fish, maybe a stickleback or minnow, that it ate on another fencepost. 

I admit the pictures are pretty dreadful, not even good enough to be called record shots, but best I could do at a distance. To see one catch a fish for the first time was pretty exciting, I must say.

The day wasn't done with me yet, as I extended my walk right through the cemetery to the Balderton Blue Lake. Here, on the lagoon where the giant carp mock anglers in the one part of the lake they aren't allowed to fish in, 2 drake and 6 duck goosander had gotten incredibly brave and come right up to the edge.

I was able to approach behind some plantlife, and managed to start taking photographs before they spooked and took off like torpedoes. They move so fast they can blur the shot, but I'm happy I got a couple of good ones. 

Looking forward to a good weekend of walking. I hope. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.01.21


  1. There used to be kingfishers in the stream across the lane from our Havant home, but we had no chance of getting photographs. They are faster than quick.

  2. Don't belittle those kingfisher photos Si - they're great

  3. I think you need to identify a favoured fishing spot and be very patient! Might take my bridge camera down there over the weekend

  4. kingfishers don't like having their photos taken do they?