Thursday 14 January 2021

Englishman Posts Obligatory Photographs of a Micron of Snow

 Actually, I must confess I was a little surprised by how long it managed to snow today, pretty much from 9am till 6pm although the heaviest stuff was over by 1pm. 

Of course, these days snow isn't a massively common sight in the UK, so in common with everyone else, I had to go out and take a few photographs before my hands turned purple and fell off. I'm very glad I didn't ride in today, or else I would have had a rather unpleasant ride home. 

I worry that tonight we will have a hard frost so all the pavements are like glass. I might have to wear my Wintertrax things on my shoes to avoid damage.

As you may notice from one photo, our work campus looks like the sort of Siberian Tundra where they dig up frozen baby mammoths.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.01.21


  1. Seriously the campus does look sub-arctic. I assume it's wetland even in less wintery times -is that correct?

  2. Pat (Weaver of grass) said they had 8 inches in Yorkshire! None at all in Suffolk

  3. Even more now - 8 inches at least (see my post today)

  4. lovely snowy photos! The ice and frozen slush has been treacherous up here in Edinburgh. Your Wintertrax sound like a great idea!

  5. Super photos. No snow now in NE Scotland. Sunshine followed by fog!

  6. It does dry out in spring and summer! Thank you for all the lovely comments