Saturday 9 January 2021

A Week of Frozen Hands

 Returning from the Christmas break has been absolutely brutal this week, because it's been below zero every morning and also I've been suffering from lockdown blues that have made it very hard to get moving in the morning.

One morning in particular was savagely cold, and initially I couldn't get my hands to grip the bars and brakes of my bike properly. Yes, the return of Raynaud's Rides, where my hands get agonised and turn purple.

I suppose however, that when you get concrete hard frosts, then you do get some very pretty photo opportunities.

I just wish it wasn't so painful to get them.


All texts and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.01.21


  1. Great teasels. Heated gloves? They make 'em for motorcyclists and snowboarders. I used to get the white form of Raynauds - hands and feet. I've no idea why it eventually stopped, but in my search for relief one doctor suggested to me I try bio-feedback training. Apparently the muscles that control the constriction of blood-vessels are muscles like any other - with the right help we can train ourselves to relax them. Mine was not so debilitating that I took up the offer, but was lucky enough to be in a town with a medical school that had a bio-feedback reasearch unit working on its possible uses for migraine sufferers. Essentially they use sensors on your skin to produce screen representation of your body's changes as they give you mind exercises, so you can see what's working as you are practicing it.

  2. Those photos are terrific. Yes, you need to get a pair of warmer or heated gloves. Don't suffer!

  3. I love teasels. Lovely photos. Get some of the gloves.

  4. Luckily it's a bit warmer now! Although hardly tropical.

  5. great photos, specially the teasel.

    I agree lockdown blues are particularly bad during the winter.