Sunday 31 January 2021

Primrose Emergence

 Just a little pottle around the two lakes today, including a walk through the cemetery to see if there was anything new in bloom. 

Indeed there was. By the drainage ditch, where they always grow, the first yellow primroses are out. Not in any great numbers, they aren't carpeting that little area in yellow yet, but they are there. 

The purple and white, and purple AND white, cemetery crocuses are also present in increasing numbers, but their peak won't be for another month or so. 

Only two female goosander on the lake today, but by gosh they are feeding a lot closer in than they ever used to, with their funny little heads that remind me of daleks.


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  1. Spring has sprung....... Daffodils just emerging in my UK garden.

  2. Lots of daffodils spearing up in the local park

  3. Lovely to see the first primroses there! One of our graveyards is full of snowdrops at the moment, though not yet fully in bloom

    I've never heard of a female goosander being compared to a dalek before, that's an interesting comnparison!