Thursday 28 January 2021

Now Crocuses have Emerged

 I've saved a lot of photos for you from my weekend walks, and this set is more floral.

The crocuses are now emerging in their usual places, in their usual colours. Orange ones in the castle grounds under the trees, while in the cemetery the purple ones always show their heads first. 

It has been ever thus since I started monitoring their appearance. Next up, lesser celandine along the cycle path, and primrose by the cemetery ditch. Nature's calendar, annual clockwork.

Another week is nearly done, another week of trying to avoid "doomscrolling" - the word of 2021 has already emerged like the crocuses - my social media feeds and maintain some sort of perspective and optimism.

Can be hard though, can't it?


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.01.21


  1. Oh no! Here in Maine we've just entered the coldest stretch of the year and you have kicked off the annual tormenting of the New Englanders with your hopeful blooms of spring. Thanks a lot. Just kidding, they're beautiful, I'm envious, and enjoy them for me. I will live vicariously through your photos.

  2. I have feasted on these photographs Si - not a glimpse of any of these up here yet. If only......

  3. Excellent. Spring has sprung.

    I saw my first Snowdrops yesterday here in Cheshire UK

  4. Crocus already! I don't think mine have put in an appearance yet - must check.
    Keep safe.

  5. What lovely crocuses,greetings from anna

  6. Hello and welcome Anna.

    Believe me it is very cold and not very springlike weatherwise!