Friday 20 March 2020

Trying to Stay Active Amid All This

Well, the pubs are about to close, the gyms to go silent as their exercise bikes stop spinning and the theatres have gone dark.

At least we have not moved to a Spanish style total lockdown, which I think will drive people mad after an extended period.

That means I can still get outside, where I figure I'd be very unlucky to catch anything. I'd already shut down what passes for my social life with no ill effect, but the idea of being stuck inside, in the rising spring and the summer, well that is likely to drive me mad. I just don't believe such measures are sustainable in more than the short term.

I haven't been out much today, but bad back and all managed to get round the two lakes yesterday. It's still a bit chilly, but I've seen an occasional insect on the move, including a super big buff tail queen today.

She was rather slow in flight but too canny to let me get close!

So, we face an uncertain summer, but somehow I will try and make the most of it.

Take care.


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  1. That's the spirit, Simon, though like you I'm not sure how I'd fare if I had to be shut indoors. We'd all go slowly mad together I guess!