Monday 23 March 2020

A Lockdown Butterfly

I was thinking that today might be the last day I could get outside - it really was a beautiful afternoon. And to be fair, not too many folk around and no gatherings of more than 3 I saw anywhere out.

As it happens, I still can get out. A bit. Big thanks to the idiots out over the weekend.

I walked around our cricket ground, which is finally starting to emerge from its watery grave, and I was flushing up a fair few small tortoiseshells from the long grass; the same when I got to Sconce Park. Some were doing spiralling breeding flights.

I was going to ask the question "Should I still be going outside with all this going on?" after all I some of the comments I've seen on social media made me feel that I was as much of a problem as the hordes of bikers that descended on Matlock Bath.

I live alone, and exercise alone.

Seems a bit redundant.

Stay well everyone.


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  1. You are allowed out to exercise. Laugh.

  2. Well I still will try and do that. Shopping is more of a hazard

  3. I walked 8 miles on Sunday morning and saw: 2 runners, a lady with a dog and an old farmer in his garden. When I got back there were about 20 or 30 people all standing in one corner of the recreation ground. Sad.

  4. We've got to work out a way of managing this

  5. You must still go out for a walk/run/bike ride daily S i - your photographs are keeping us all full of the joys of Spring.