Saturday 14 March 2020

Back on the Running Trail

I'm fed up of feeling fat - too many Freddoes - so instead of a walk training for a Race to the Stones Event that won't happen I suspect, I headed out to see how my knee would be if I had a gentle run today.

Good news is that hip no problem, knee a little sore.

My friend in Granada in Spain now faces the prospect of a total lockdown starting on Monday, and I'm feeling like I need to make the most of the outside world before things go a bit pear shaped. Although I hope we are sensible with the precautions that are introduced, no-one is going to pick up or spread the illness walking in the open air.

So I managed 7.5km on a mildish but horribly dull day. I listened out for chiff chaffs in the usual spots but didn't hear any. I saw a big bumble flying in the distance, but no close up insects.

I will keep blogging away on here, sick or not!


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