Tuesday 17 March 2020

Pain and Confusion and Flowers

Well, after my last cricket net session, my back has decided to give me merry hell albeit a couple of days later, and I've been in spasming pain for a day now.

As ever, a pain that standard painkillers do very little eo ease. Which is just as well seeing as there aren't any of the bloody things to buy for love or money in the shops at the moment.

So, although I will try and get outside as much as possible, isolation and social distancing is upon me; not so different from my normal life really only I am not going to the pub for a pint and a read.

We had a glorious bit of sun and warmth for a couple of hours yesterday, but didn't see anything buzzing about alas. Now we are enclosed in cold grey cloud again.

I hope we are still allowed to go outside when the weather warms up, I really don't see how locking people in their homes can be beneficial. As time goes by, mental health is going to suffer for a lot of people.

Me, I'm going to see how much weight I can lose.


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  1. If Tesco don't restock their shelves we'll all be losing a bit of weight!

  2. I know! My local Asda has been ransacked

  3. beautiful flowers, specially the magnolias

    Sorry about your back, that sounds very painful

    We need to be allowed out for walks, it will really help our mental and physical wellbeing