Wednesday 25 March 2020

Running and Underwear

So, my state allowed exercise today consisted of a 7.5km run - around the castle and twice around the park basically - on an even more glorious day than the last two glorious days we've had. I've been slobbering around in shorts most of the day and only donned a T-Shirt at one point to do a skype call with work.

More Brimstones about today, including the first female I've seen, and I can now see small tortoiseshells even from my postage stamp sized garden. I want some pollinator friendly plants but fear arrest for non essential purchase of verbena. And Asda's range of plants are shit for pollinators.

Social distancing still being well observed and supermarket well stocked apart from Pasta.

So, when I took this flat on, I think not having a washing machine was no problem, after all my folks are only up the road. Well, a worldwide pandemic shits all over that, and I'm having to handwash like its the 1860s.

Boxer shorts clutter my washing line.


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  1. Haven't we had a glorious few days. I'm similarly regretting that I chose not to have a deep-freeze, which might have made life a bit easier now. If you don't do your laundry it should ensure that everyone keeps out of your two-metre zone!

  2. Love the carved log. Can't make out what the carving is between the swans and the fish.

  3. lovely photos - the carved log is beautiful

  4. Beautiful carving, and the castle, lovely.