Sunday, 16 June 2019

Cricket from the Sidelines

So this morning, I found a few bees and a bee fly mimic in the park, much attracted to the dandelions, and then in the morning, I went to Balderton to watch my Sunday XI play, you know, being supportive, a good clubman and all that.

Much gentle joshing followed by the travelling support we had, which increased as the afternoon went on. Anyone would have thought that news had got out that we were playing an action packed thriller, as opposed to what appeared from the sidelines to be a rather turgid affair on a very slow pitch with an outfield like a grand national fence.

Our bowling looked steady and accurate however, and we restricted the opposition to 106-4 off 30 overs - it was a shortened game due to a few showers happening. I say we, I should say they, as my contribution was restricted to cheering our bowlers.

I felt very left out I must say.

So, when Newark batted, the pitch looked even harder to time the ball on and the scoring rate was glacial, and with our opening bats attempting every now and then to run themselves out, I did wonder how we would go. But then a higher gear was found and some boundaries were hit, although not before the captain was finally run out by his partner.

We were on about 60-1 when I had to leave.

Every so often I experimented with fielding and bowling, to puzzled looks. I'm still struggling to pick the ball up.

Worse was to follow though, as I picked up a back spam later on, although hopefully that will ease in a day or two. Just from taking my shoes off. Jeez.


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  1. You will be back soon. Just think positive.

  2. I must say Si, your Nature photographs have a much more summery look than the spectators at the cricket match!

  3. Thanks, really enjoy my cricket in any form!