Saturday, 2 March 2019

Magnolia and Blossoms

After a long old week at work with not a massive amount of sitting at my desk and being on my feet, my body was very unco-operative today  and did not want to do any exercise whatsoever.

I am thus rather angry at it, and have given it a good telling off.

I did however make it to the park for tea and a walk round. The neighbourhood magnolia trees are now coming into flower, white as a swans wing, on my way to the park, and in the park itself blackthorn and hawthorn are decked in a thick dressing  of sweet blossom.

Attracted to this delicacy I saw another newcomer for the year today - a red tailed bumblebee queen. But a coy one, so no photos.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.03.19


  1. Rain tipping down on my only day off today after a glorious week of early spring sunshine has really miffed me, so I guess hitting on your blossom images will just have to do for today.
    Just had a couple of Redpolls visit the garden feeder and alas they flew after a few minutes, could be the days brightest moment

  2. Well ahead of us. Not a single flower showing on local thorn bushes yet.

  3. Beautiful photos of the magnolia and blossoms - you seem ahead of us here.

  4. The trees look lovely.
    Amanda xx