Saturday, 12 May 2018

Red Kite Cricket (Redux)

I think a  couple of years ago I may have written about playing cricket in the shadow of Belvoir Castle, at Belvoir Cricket Club's ground at Knipton, back when I was genuinely rubbish at cricket.

The red kites soared above the ground that day.

These great birds, most beautiful of all the British raptors and easily recognised with their forked tails, are not allowed in Nottinghamshire for some reason, and thus gather in large numbers just over the border in Leicestershire, trying to get visas to visit Worksop. I saw one within 5 seconds  of entering the country, and as soon as I arrived at the ground.

As you might imagine, a ground  overlooked by Belvoir Castle is bound to be one of the more scenic ones we play at, and even with the spectacle of mad people carrying trees during a tough mudder, soundtracked by the bleating of lambs, it's still a lovely place.

Sadly not a lovely day.

We won the toss and bowled, and did brilliantly to bowl Bingham 3s  out for 159. Not a single adult was involved in taking a wicket - no wickets, catches, or run outs - and most of them were done by 13 year olds in their second senior game EVER.

I deliberately dropped a catch to make sure that this run would continue. Ahem...

I actually bowled much better today, apart from steaming in too quick and bowling no balls, but couldn't get through to castle the stumps, and couldn't get an edge despite getting the ball to move off the seam.

None of us adults could and consequently we have all decided to retire.

I ate four teas knowing I wouldn't be batting any time soon after. But sadly, the rain ensured no many of us would, even though our new opening bat made it look very easy.

Really enjoyed it though, wickets or not. Oh yeah. Not!


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  1. I loved your very amusing write up on one of your first games of the cricket season - at least you can laugh about it! Yes - red kites are beautiful aren't they?

  2. Thank you Pat! Enjoy the game despite the frustrations