Monday 28 May 2018

All Sorts of Bees

I thought the weather might have broken before today, but no, it's been very hot today. After the weekend's cricket exertions, I didn't really feel like doing anything strenuous - I must be getting even older - and just pottered about.

Walk into town, shopping...

Gardening, grass cutting, plant watering, shirt off like Henry Ramsey in Neighbours (the classic era)...

Walk down to the river...

Lol about in garden listening to "Infinite Monkey Cage" podcast...

Long bath watching Blakes 7 final "Blake" episode...

Unconstructive, but nice.

Pictures are of various bees I met today - bumble, honey, and solitary species. The one on ragwort might be a mason.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.05.18


  1. A beautiful selection of bees Simon. Sage and thyme are flowering in our garden and they are attracting plenty of bees :)

  2. One day I'll sort out all the various species of bees. Maybe.

  3. beautiful geranium blue shows off that last bee to perfection.