Friday 18 May 2018

Dogs on Boats and Bees

Well, my work week has been mainly spent doing mini Expos, some of which have had some odd side shows - today's was brass polishing - with more educational and vocational stuff.

The mornings have been freezing, driving me back into gloves on my morning cycle in. In the evenings, Venus has been shining like a Silmaril over the rooftops in the evenings early on, before the pale yellow form of Jupiter takes over later on. I've been doing astronomy late on, spotting globular clusters in my binoculars.

And of course, photographing things. Tonight, bees on alkalet. The other day, dogs on a canoe.

This weekend, cricket. Two matches. My poor fat old body!


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  1. Very much enjoyed seeing the Foxy teeshirt.

  2. Lovely shot of Venue - visible from my front door when I let Tess out on to the front lawn for her last wee!
    And of course lovely shot of the castle!!

  3. Thank you all, an incredibly nice day today. Cricket today and tomorrow.