Sunday 1 February 2015

The Visitor at the Window

I'd had my morning walk, my morning tea and morning sconce, and had settled in for lunch and a pre-run gentle loaf in front of a movie.

I'd just put my cup of tea down, when I heard a faint little "tap tap tap" at the window. I fancied initially for a passing shower, a little squall of rain announcing its arrival on an already shivering town. I ignored it. But when it happened a second a time, I decided to crane my head back round and see what it was.

It was a long tailed sit perched on the sill, pecking at the window.

I desperately fumbled with my mobile phone to take a picture, but the bird flew off before I could do so. I needn't have worried though, the bird flew straight back again. Stunned, I managed to get a couple of poor quality shots before it flew off again, to soon for me to get to the window. When I did get there, I looked down to see a pair of the birds flitting about in the winter deadened buddleia, delicate as dandelion clocks.

They flew off, and I cursed myself for not getting a good shot.

But they kept returning. "Tap tap tap" and I'd jump up again to be confronted by that tiny little pinky white face peering over the ancient wood of the sash. And I'd miss the shot again, although I got better ones, of the bird 8 inches away tapping at the glass.

I have no idea what it was doing. It wasn't flying in full tilt and braining itself, so I can only assume it had seen tiny insects on the glass, or perhaps something about the reflection of the the shrubs caused it to respond as it foraged for food. Again, as the other day, slightly odd to only see them in twos as they tend to congregate in small flocks.

But I wasn't really thinking about that, just so happy to have my flat looked in on by these most charming of feathered acrobats.


Who's this

Don't fly away

Getting better

Ahhh! There you are


  1. Lovely little birds, but they move so quickly! We've had a few in the garden once as far as I recall.

  2. What a lovely visitor - we flocks here and very occasionally they visit the feeders. They are such delightful little birds :)

  3. It took a long time for them to show, but very glad they have done. They are tamer than you'd think, I find