Sunday 8 February 2015

The Magnificently Tumerous Probably Conkery Tree

Out on one of my walks listening to Radio 4 in my endless attempts at mind expansion, I had a little wander through Friary Park. Normally my eyes are cast downwards on the snowdrops, squill and aconite this time of year, but as I walked through in the morning, I noticed how magnificent the trees were.

The trees are mighty, one hundred foot plus specimens towering over the landscape. I've never paid the slightest attention to them before, which shows how much we take them for granted, and how little I personally know about them.

Tree recognition. Another for the "to do" list.

One tree is particular caught my eye. I'm led to believe it is a horse chestnut, a conker tree of tremendous size, and judging by the wizened, tumerous bark, great age. It seems to be sporting male and female catkins, or cones, of a sort at the moment, and one wonders what this tree has seen over the years.


A tree of renown

Ancient bark

Curious danglers


  1. Hi, lovely tree, but I am wondering if it is a Sweet Chestnut tree ? I started a second blog on trees as I too could not name many (still not much better) but it's fun to do, photographing them throughout the year at my (mainly) local park. I was surprised to find out how many there was.
    Hopefully some one who knows will give you a better ID.
    Amanda xx

  2. I wondered too...until the spring when it flowers and comes into leaf, I shan't know for sure, could be that those dangling things are left over chestnuts from last year

    1. Get one of the fruits if you can reach and open it up, you will be able to tell then.
      Amanda xx

  3. News just's a london plane tree apparently, those dangly things are seed balls!