Tuesday 24 February 2015

Painful Running through Beacon Hill Nature Reserve

My legs are absolutely dead at the moment. As soon as I start running, my legs feel like two long, sore planks that feel impossible to get moving. The cold weather isn't helping any, and I'm getting frustrated as the cold I've had has cleared up and so the fitness level isn't a problem - it's just that the legs don't want to obey my brain.

Still, poor form or not, I love being about at this time of the year, you get to see the evolution of spring happen virtually by the day. Today it was the appearance of lesser celandine in decent amounts down by London Road Lake, next up will be the first flowering daffodil, the appearance of bluebells, and then the real spring signifier, the sight of brimstone butterflies on the wing.

Today's run involved a slog through the mud of Clay Lane, and up the hill to Beacon Hill Park. I had the great pleasure of a pretty close up view of a pair of bullfinches at the beginning of the lane; for some reason, I see bullfinch here more often than anywhere else in town. Beautiful, stocky little birds.

Keeping up the theme of exploration, I found a new path to explore through a copse next to the nursery in the reserve. Soon, buzzard will make their home in the high tree tops, and soar on the first warm spring thermals, and butterflies will make their homes in the long grasses.

Back to the brimstones. I wonder what date I'll see my first one? 10p on March 16th?


Clay Lane. Mud.

To Beacon Hill. More mud.

More mud on the steep climb up to the housing estate.

The wonderful view of Baldeton and beyond to Claypole

Natural bridge, Beacon Hill Park

The path through the wood

Sun over the nursery

Snowdrop dell, Beacon Hill Park exit


  1. 20p on March 22nd!

    Loving your images!

  2. Thanks, wish I had a proper camera! But it would be a bit of a drag to run with.

  3. Thanks, wish I had a proper camera! But it would be a bit of a drag to run with.

  4. A great place to run. Your photos are wonderful!

  5. It looks a beautiful place to run. I haven't seen any butterflies or bees locally yet although have found a few moths :) Will go looking for lesser celandines in a couple of weeks hopefully at a place where I usually see them in profusion :)

  6. See today's post for celandine! Runing is all about low level exploration for me - I'm no Ray Mears - as much as running good times

  7. I was wondering how often you had to stop to take these great photos. Now I know, on-the-run shots which are impressive.

  8. Well you have to stop momentarily or else it would be a blurred image, but I try to minimise it