Thursday 26 February 2015

More Virgin Territory Encountered

Today, the powers that be had decided to turn on the wind machine again, which in my present heavy legged condition was as welcome as a cactus in my running shoes. Plans for a long run were thus curtailed, and I decided to visit the path I ran along a couple of days ago - see here for details - only not turn off through a field as I did before.

But before that, after going under the first graffiti bridge after Balderton Lake, I found some paths that were also virgin running territory, heading up to the left off the cycle path. Upon hauling myself up a steep little slope, I found myself up on a little plateau of green space, with no company other than a very handsome male pheasant, and the entire workforce of Flowserve, which was just across the way.

I found a similar patch of land when I followed the path by the egg stall run by dogs. Newark is full of such little spaces, and I wish local communities could be encouraged to adopt them as mini nature reserves or at least keep them tidy and stop them being used as fly tips, or to grow the infamous "dog mess in a bag" trees that are so prevalent nowadays.

Over-optimism in action!

I ended up emerging in thee aforementiond Flowserve car park, and trotted home back along the 64 and around the lake, lit by a bright low sun scorching the water.

Do enjoy the pictures. They may not be amazing, but they are taken by me on the move with a mobile phone camera. My trackies would look really odd with a DSLR shoved down them, not to mention how much my running would be hampered.


Crocus graveyard

Snowdrops act as a duvet for the "at rest"

The virgin plateau

Looking back the other way

Path round the back of Flowserve

More urban green space

The area around Flowserve is sooooo picturesque

Squabbling coots on the lake

"Hi ducks, mind if I come a little closer?"

Apparently they do mind

Safe on the water

Sunlight paints the waters


  1. I'm impressed you are out running, the weather has been a bit cold and windy, if it was not for the dog the daily walk might not have happened this week for me. Running daily you get to see and notice things most people would miss, it will be nice to see these same run's during the summer months as well as it looks like a nice place to be.
    Amanda xx

  2. Oh yes, hopefully you will see how the flora and fauna on my usual running routes changes with the seasons