Monday 16 February 2015

More Life in the Cemetery and Scary Devil Children

As I'm a very busy chap these few days, I don't have much time to do my usual dazzling writings (ha!) for you; I can only provide a pictorial of the last couple of days. Sadly I can't furnish you with pictures of my stunning bowling in the indoor nets with Newark CC - apparently "I was the best in my net" as I have told absolutely no people - but instead, Newark in late winter, just about to wake up for spring.

Enjoy, as always,


Castle crocuses, orange spec
Castle crocuses, blue spec

Ugly duckling becoming a swan, the town locks

Auton invasion, Gladstone school

Unhealthy looking child, this one

Stumped trees, Rutland Avenue estate

Going down the cemtery the wrong way

First cemetery aconite

Crocuses just coming into flower

Snowdrops still just at their best

Snowdrop carpet


  1. You have found quite a few flowering plants, hope it would have been better weather this week and a little warmer, it would have brought the Spring flowers on round here.
    Amanda xx

  2. No daffodils in flower here yet, they are out in some places