Friday 13 February 2015

Peaceful Running, Dark as Night

I'm off shift now, and my heroic conscience likes me to take a run in the evening of my last working day...

Mr Conscience tends to forget such small points as it being cold and dark, but armed with my head torch and a desire to take pictures of the familiar after the sun had gone to bed, I headed out at 830pm hoping to run 10km.

Within three minutes, my headtorch had slipped down my my nose, and the straps pulled out of their clasp when I tried to adjust them. Great. But although I decided the cycle path and the lakes were unwise with no source of light, I was still able to run across Clay Lane park and through the Sconce with the light in my hand, and although no glowing fox, deer or badger eyes were illuminated in my path, it was still a very peaceful feeling, to be running on my own, in my own little pool of light.

There was no-one around. My thoughts were my own. All looked different.

I felt no threat. But maybe, I just got lucky...


Magnolia coming into flower

Silver birch

Birch in bud


Close up bark

Along Clay Lane

Sleeping snowdrops, the forgotten nature reserve

Close encounters of the Navigation Kind

Willow at the Devon

Sconce oak wood

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