Monday 16 February 2015

The Early Barges are upon the Navigation

In addition to more and more spring flowers showing their charms as February goes on, other forms of warm weather life are beginning to make themselves apparent. Yesterday, there were narrowboats on the Newark Navigation, puttering along, motors churning the water and making me feel very envious of the owners of such homes. One of the barges tied up along the river even had its own cat by the look of things!

I always thing the waterway is the closest working link to this town's industrial heritage we have. The boats may be different. but they work the navigation as boats did 200 hundred hears ago or more.


The old, neglected, Corn Exchange

Narrowboat arrives at the lock

Working boats

Tugs and barges


  1. Always wanted a narrow boat home, maybe when I retire?

  2. About 50 grand for a basic "proper" narrowboat. Winters must be a bit fierce though