Monday 30 June 2014

Life Among the Thistles at Beacon Hill Park

Ran rather gingerly, still rather stiff ankle and sore back from doing...sleeping! It was warm, and life was out in abundance by 4pm.

The hill between Clay Lane and Beacon Hill was lively enough as it was, but the main meadow at Beacon Hill Park was so alive with  butterflies I'm surprised it didn't lift off into the blue sky.

The reason is, I suspect, that the thistles have come into flower up here, and a touch of rain followed by warm weather has caused all the plant life to shoot up like Jack's Beanstalk on steroids. Certainly the meadow browns and a few small tortoiseshell butterflies, and some burnet moths, are loving it.

The meadow browns especially, are practically forming clouds when you disturb them as you run past. They and the other grassland species of summer, the ringlet and the large skipper, are having a fantastic season.

Also very noticeable are the red soldier beetles, patrolling the flower heads looking for smaller insects to chomp on.

How much life the thistles attract. Hopefully soon, they will be out in force by the Devon, to bring in the small coppers and the common blues in Sconce Park.

Unusual view of a meadow brown
Meadow brown on thistle
Lovely small tortoiseshell
Red soldier beetle
Apologies for the X rated material

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