Saturday 7 June 2014

After the Thunderstorm

Thunder meant no Parkrun alas, and indeed it stayed that way most of the day. But after watching the rain streaking down the window to the delight of no-one apart from a very fat woodpigeon having a hearty splashabout in a Lake Eerie sized puddle.

Luckily the sun was eventually able to put in an appearance, and I was able to run 5 miles rather stiffly, in conditions of tremendous humidity. The butterflies were presumably drying their wings off, but the bees were back out, attacking the flowers in the library park.

They flew without effort, while I ran  like I was dying.

Swan family at London Road lake
Red tailed bumblebee male in the library gardens
Devious tree bumblebee flies itself out of focus
The flower that drives the bees wild. Some kind of geranium?

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