Wednesday 18 June 2014

A Beautiful Evening on Beacon Hill, Newark

Having felt terribly stuffy and oppressed at my unglamorous work today, it was a relief to get outside. My achilles is bothering me, so I couldn't really run, but like I wrote before, you miss a lot less when you walk!

It hasn't stopped my achilles from aching now though. Drat it, no Parkrun for me on Saturday.

Once again my route took me up the back of Beacon Hill, where the bees were going crazy for the bramble flowers, including a number of interloping hoverflies. One of these was huge, and was imitating a red tailed bumblebee. Apparently this species is volucella bombylans bombylans.

Whichever you say it, it's a mouthful.

Skipper butterflies were also about, but not keen on letting a tall hot and flustered creator of shadows get a picture. The same was true on Beacon Hill Park, where once again the blue cornflowers attracted them. Up in the main field, meadow browns of various colourations, and the first 6 spot burnet moth of the year, having seen the first swallowtail moth last night.

Sore ankle or not, I must do these school night walks more often. You just never know what you will find!

Early swallowtail moth. Later the green will fade to a cream colour.
Giant pond buttercup with bugs
Hoverfly on Beacon Hill bramble
Tree bumblebee. I thought this one was so furry it was a common carder at first
Volucella bombylans bombylans. Just say hoverfly
Bugs on ox eye daisies
Meadow brown variant 1
Meadow brown variant 2
6(or 7) spot burnet moth
Another view

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