Friday 6 June 2014

Newark By-Election, the Aftermath

We are over. We are done more media mentions, we have gone back to what we always were, a safe Tory seat who's MPs wear a bottom shaped dent in the backbenches until they disgrace themselves accepting a fiver for saying how wonderful Djibouti, Togo, Kiribati or Surinam are in Parliament.

And so I present the last of my by-election pictorials, have really enjoyed bringing you some different content. Any new viewers please stay with the page, I will bring you beautiful things, but will also bring you other new directions too.

And always, keep you eyes open and never stop looking!

HellsAngel with iron cross helmet double takes East Midlands Today crew
East Midlands Today in the foreground, Sky's Adam Boulton in the background
East Midlands Today van
Lord of the Outside Broadcasts, The Two Towers
Securing Newark's future by emptying his office and buggering off as fast as possible
Over our dead bodies

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