Thursday 5 June 2014

Election Day at Newark By Election

And Ukip were out in force. Farage was due to show...I waited around but he was cagey about his movements. He eventually fetched up doing his man of the people pint shtick in The Queens Head, hunting for votes from the befuddled.

I'd already gone home. I wanted a picture, but not that much. Bad journalism I know, but I have a life, and Farage is no part of it. Besides, there was much else to see.

I was excited. I thought I was going to vote in someone's house
Tory activists. Sadly, it's now office space in the bungalow.
This is shameful. Here's an issue for our new MP to take a stand over.
What I think of "the return of common sense"
One of those "special vans" with no visible exhaust pipe
In our day, we had "Selectadisc" bags
Cheeky Tories are on the prowl
UKIP Reservoir Dogs. No sign of Mr Black or Mr Brown
UKIP dog
Man from the Koinonia Indian Restaurant Party has much more appetising purple flyers
Another UKIP modernising young gun
Tory MP Matthew Hancock on a late canvas


  1. oh what fun!!!!! Im reporting them to the RSPCA and Age Concern as soon as i sober up from drowning my sorrows. Gah!