Thursday 12 June 2014

And now summer arrives in Newark

After a cool and wet couple of for me to finally have warm sun outside, rather than being sweltered to death at work, was a delight I determined to make the most of.

Alas, a puncture on my rear tyre for the 13,000th time scuppered a bike ride, but this turned out to be lucky. Instead I walked across the cemetery, through the sports hub site, across the estate to Sconce and Devon Park. Later on I got in a run to Beacon Hill Reserve.

You can see below what I saw on my day's travels. Highlight was the large skipper I photographed, possibly my best ever mobile phone photo. But many butterflies I was too dim witted and slow to snap were up too.

As well as the aforementioned skipper, I had my first sightings this year of red admiral, meadow brown, and ringlet. A second flight small tortoiseshell put in an appearance too, above the poppies on the sports hub site.

Finally, I was delighted to watch at close quarters - 2 metres - a song thrush put on a snail demolition for me. Once it realised I wasn't going to pinch its lunch and eat it in a garlic butter sauce, the thrush gave it four quick smashes on the tarmac path before wolfing down the tasty bit.

It had flown off long before the shell stopped spinning down the road.
Can you see it?
You can now
A pink poppy
Mouth of a triffid? Or poppy?
Some sort of gall mite?
Female banded demoiselle at Sconce Park
Stunning large skipper
White or buff tailed bumblebee explores the surface of the sun
Unknown day flying moth in Beacon Hill reserve
Unhappy with this next to Beacon Hill park
Early evening, and a blackbird just fledged onto my drive

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