Friday 6 June 2014

Newark Sconce and Devon Park in the Sun

After the rain comes sun...eventually.

After three days of rain, finally beautiful sunshine came out, and as the politicians left us to our own devices again, the nature deemed it same to come out of hiding at Sconce Park.

As did the world of the odd. The highlight of the visit was a fellow drinking Oranjeboom, and pouncing on something with his shirt. I investigated to find it was a fellow deeply interested in some small leps enjoying the clover.

Excitingly he was claiming they were small blue butterflies. I suspected they weren't however, I've seen these before at Willow Holt and figured them for chimneysweeper moths, which the folks at RSPB Langford confirmed.

Everywhere there is ceonothus, there are tree bumblebees
Honeybee in action
Not small blues, but chimneysweeper moths
A better view
Speckled wood by the Devon
Ceonothus row
Lots of these on a neighbours fence

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