Tuesday 1 July 2014

Today's Newark Wonders (another photographic miscellania)

The weather turned fine, but my muscles were still sore after a long run where I took a few mis-steps in the long grass. So I walked through a rather drab and uniform cemetery compared with the constant living changes of spring.

I walked through the threatened grasslands of the sports hub site, where butterflies - skippers, large whites, small tortoiseshells, meadow browns, ringlets, common blue and small heath were all on the wing there.

I walked through the estate, where I always look for life in unusual places.

And then I walked through Devon Park, where butterflies and damselflies flew, adoring the nettles like the least tacky QVC jewellery you've ever seen.

Even at home, a forest shield bug sat on a sycamore leaf, and helped me read Empire magazine in the sun.

This bluebottle can't read this Sconce Park sign
Small copper on the Sonce fortification
Female banded demoiselle chomps down on a mayfly of some kind
Female common blue damselfly, I think, on Devon Pasture
Grasshopper on the Sconce
A tricky subject - small heath on the Sports Hub site
Large skipper
Another large skipper - the small ones don't let you get close!
Common blue at the sports hub, wing undersides look a little dully coloured
You see I think these underwing spots are wrong for a common blue, but nothing else you'd see round here fits
Forest shield bug on sycamore
Not the prettiest face


  1. Great capture of the Demoiselle with its meal. Years of watching the damsels around my garden pond and I've never seen one catch anything yet.

  2. That one was considerate enough to let me get near enough witth my mobile phone - about 6 inches - to get that shot. This is damn unusual. Appreaciate the appreciation, thank you