Tuesday 22 July 2014

Butterfly Studies in Newark

Newark was alive with flutterers today, and as I trotted through town this morning, scanning the buddleias, or ran through Beacon Hill this afternoon, scanning more buddleias, I never had my eyes shut for even a second.

Summer buddleia, thistle and ragwort are so attractive to moths and butterflies, virtually wherever you see any growing, a closer look will probably reveal something of interest.

And that goes for anywhere, not just a nature reserve. Wasteground, brownfield sites, bushes next to busy roads.

Gatekeeper, Beacon Hill Park
Meadow brown, Beacon Hill Park
"The world looks better this way up!" - Peacock, Beacon Hill Park
On the edge, Millgate Bridge
Wings folded, Millgate Bridge
Peacock now gives a sneaky peak, Millgate Bridge
Fading but still pretty; small tortoiseshell, Clay Lane
Small tortoiseshell, Clay Lane

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