Tuesday 15 July 2014

A 6th Newark Photographic Miscellania

This is about nature. Not the cub pack, and besides I was in the 5th Newark, with its strange games of chair football, snooker tables so old every ball was the same colour, and homesickness inducing camping trips to Walesby.

So today I have been walking and cycling all over the place, always on the look out, and annoyed the gatekeepers out in numbers today won't settle for the camera.

It's been a beautiful day, with tea, scones, and reading in between bursts of activity.

And I love it thus.

This hoverfly is a wasp imitator. In the garden.
Small tortoiseshell in the Rumbles Cafe flowerbed on the Sconce
Pollen drenched (cuckoo?) bumblebee, Clay Lane rail bridge
And once again
Small skipper, back of Beacon Hill
Small skipper, different angle
Bee on lavender-like plant, Beaumond Gardens
Beautiful study of a queen bumblebee, Beaumond Gardens
Swan family, London Road lake

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