Friday 4 July 2014

Non Particular Newark Wanderings

Today I walked with no specific goal other than relaxation and recovery. The weather was fair if not stifling, and I'd be happy to see whatever I saw, as long as there were tea and ice creams along he way.

The tea was taken care of at Rumbles, where small tortoiseshells were loving the flowerbed, and along the paths I saw red admirals, and what must be newly emerged second flight commas. I hadn't seen a comma until today, and was rather relieved to see their familiar deep orange, ragged, wings sunbathing on a nettle leaf.

Also new in the air today was a brown hawker dragonfly over the second pasture, flying at angles, bronzed wings glinting.

I kept walking, past the multitude of bumblebees and honeybees enjoying the fragrant lavender on the library park, and down Clay Lane to snap a small tortoiseshell feeding off a thistle. Clay Lane field itself was full of meadow browns - I like how they've left half the field to grow wild for nature.

I kept walking, looking out for architectural things for I was away from green space, other that the abandoned nature reserve at the end of Beacon Hill Road. Must write about that place soon.

Soon, when I don't have a thought of an ice cream to distract me as well.

See how many butterflies you can spot in this picture of the Rumbles flowerbed
Speckled Wood by the Devon Park woodland
Meadow brown on a thistle, Devon Pasture
Gee gees
Small tortoiseshell, Clay Lane
The bee in the sun
Bumblebee close up

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