Saturday 4 January 2020

Another 20000 Steps

Running, walking, I've done a lot of mileage today, around 11 in total, where the walk took in the two lakes on the way to Lidl, where I bought some new winter running gear.

The Crevit running gear Lidl sells is highly regarded, and the new trail running shoes I went for a 6km run in this evening were initially comfortable and easy; however they have rubbed my heels a bit and must need wearing in. I'm hoping they make good winter trail running shoes.

There's been some pretty views today; lots of gulls on the water but only 3 goosander today. Lots of great tits in the trees along the edge; diving grebes and tufted ducks enjoying the calm surface.

I feel good about being active today, heaven knows I'm out of shape.


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  1. I walked seven miles yesterday, but most of it was on slippery mud and it felt like twice that distance! No Goosanders to be seen either, though lots of Goldeneye and 10 Barnacle Geese, which was rather a surprise.

  2. Aconites, snowdrops and primroses - perfect for the beginning of January.