Tuesday 7 January 2020

Discovering the Bogs of Farndon

Yesterday I found myself on a 6 mile walk around and abut Farndon, where I flushed a tawny owl and stumbled into a bog in fading light and ended up shin deep in the water.

Despite all this, it was a highly satisfying trot, with great stuff on Radio 4 to listen to, including a wonderful half hour programme on Suetonius, the most gossipy and risque of historians and writer of saucy biographies of the first 12 Roman emperors.

There was good stuff on modern day eating of algae.

We won't talk so much about Beyond Belief, which to me is a programme that seems rooted firmly in the 8th century.

I carry on with trying to increase my fitness as much as my body will allow. I also aim to improve my mental health, and also while you are walking, you can't be stuffing yourself!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.01.20


  1. Great photos as always. Doing good on your keep fit!

  2. A lovely walk and photos and a great way to keep fit and improve mood :)

  3. They certainly do seem to make absolutely full use of the River Trent in Newark to improve for the town Si.

  4. The River Trent has been everywhere this winter!

  5. Great walk, healthy too. Nice photos Si.