Monday 13 January 2020

Sunset Murmurations, or not

Starlings are not the only birds to exhibit the typical starling behaviour of murmurating. At work, and yesterday in Riverside Park, I've been observing similar behaviour, albeit on a smaller scale, by other songbirds.

I think the birds involved are linnets, and they follow the starling pattern of flying around, looking to settle in a tree to roost, only to change their mind at the last minute and fly off again. The flock a work that has been doing in at work is only about 25-30 strong, but the flock, or "parcel" apparently, of linnet I observed doing it yesterday numbered around 200 birds.

They don't make a very good photographic subject for a mobile phone camera, you'll have to make do with the sunset over the river for that, but they are a charming watch, tweeping away as they circle around in a skittish fashion.

I was a very tired boy yesterday, and didn't really get a lot of practice in, but today I've had about two hours of walking done. Hopefully as the weather and light improves I will be able to get three hour walks in most days.


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  1. lovely sunset! Linnets are delightful birds, I saw a very small flock of them yesterday.

  2. Thank you very much! We are getting wagtails flocking at dusk now, although they no longer roost at work