Saturday 11 January 2020

Running Through an Unseasonal Landscape

Decided to upgrade my walk today into a very gentle run, one I kept purposely very gentle.

Still hurt my hip though, thought I'd left it just long enough to recover.

Springtime in winter is accelerating. I reckon we are now three weeks ahead of the season in what has been a very mild wet and windy winter so far. Today in the cemetery I saw the first crocuses had emerged, and that down by the London Road Pond lesser celandine had emerged in one patch.

Only a single duck goosander on the Blue Lake, but the mandarin drake was there, pretending to be a mallard as it normally does despite being about half the size.

So yes, I have entered "Race to the Stones", the 100km two day ultra marathon along the Ridgeway west of London finishing at the Avebury stone circle. I'm as excited for seeing some wonderful heritage sights like this and the Uffington White Horse as much as I am for the challenge of the event.

I'm also hoping that the training will help me lose weight and as ever, the long walks and gentle runs will hopefully be a big help with my mental and neuro health. Long rhythmic exercise is a big help with my Tourettes, and I love listening to the radio as I make my way through the countryside. Today's Radio 4 play was surprisingly engrossing for a period piece.

And yes, it's in honour of my mother. It seems like a good way of making something good happen from an awful event.


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  1. Great photos as always. I really must go round and look at whats coming up.

  2. The seasons are certainly getting a gallop on up there. I hope your training goes well for the Race To The Stones, though there are easier ways to see Avebury stone circle!