Monday 7 October 2019

The Cygnet Committee

It's been yet another grey day today, with intermittent rain, but I have been out both walking and running, buying some fabulous Aldi Converse knock-offs, and a new Millets rucksack to replace the one I have that has developed an alarming hole in the medicine compartment.

The October migrants have been reported as starting to arrive, the nightime passovers of cheaping redwing, but I haven't heard anything yet as I have done in the past at my old flat. We tend not to see them until after Christmas anyway in town, unless conditions are really hard. Likewise the winter waterfowl such as goosander and the occasional pochard that visit Balderton Blue Lake, which I haven't visited in a while since I moved.

Today, the swan family on the trent were up at the lock, the water level very high again. Cygnet Committee by the way is a song on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" album, but only listen if you have a bit of time handy.

It is nearly ten minutes long.


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