Sunday 20 October 2019

At Last Back Around the Blue Lake

Feeling a little bit more vigorous today, so took myself on the longer walk I've been promising myself (and you lot!). It started with a trip to the park for a cup of tea, where a helicopter circled overhead a few times, and then took me along the road to the back of the cemetery and hence on to the Blue Lake.

I can't think of when I last went around here, probably back in May when I was still at my old flat. Well, there's been a change or two.

They have out up a beautiful little illustrated board up at the southern end of the lake, showing the lake and the birds and plants that can be found there. The goosander who come every winter made it on, but not the tufted ducks that are permanent resident. Nor that rats, who were busy today, and also a coot with a bad foot.

A coot with a bad foot. It rhymes! Sort of.

There was a returning visitor in the form of the stunning mandarin drake who was around last winter, only he didn't want to get very close to the camera sadly.

Kids were feeding the waterfowl bread, which no-one seems to know whether you should be doing or not any more.

After the lake, I walked back into town through the cemetery, and finished off a three hour afternoon with a cup of tea in a board game cafe. Which was nice, but rather pointless as I had no-one to play any with.


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  1. Super photos of your walk. I do like the new information board at the blue lake - it looks lovely.

  2. that's a lovely lake and a nice new information board