Sunday 6 October 2019

Catmint for Dinner

I've been very tired again today, after a lot of exercise yesterday, and it's just been a pottering sort oday really. A lot of walking paths are far too wet and muddy for casual walking at the  moment, so all I've done really is go to Rumbles and have a cup of tea, and tried to write about sci-fi.

I'm working on a short piece about the movie "Fantastic Voyage" whose incredible effects captivated so much as a child and led it to become one of the first science fiction films I remember.

Most of the flowers around the Sconce are dying now, apart from one species. There is still plenty of catmint in bloom in the little mini-sconce, and the hardiest bumbles of all are still feeding away. Lots of common carders were buzzing about, their golden thoraxes standing out in the pale sun that arrived after the rain.

All life and colour must be cherished as the dark months come around, before the January rebirth.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.10.19


  1. Amazing photos, I have never grown catmint as my cat would decimate it so didnt realise it flowered like that. You are so observant.