Monday, 25 June 2018

Running no Matter what

A local newspaper reporter sent me some action photographs of me bowling against Bingham on Saturday, and although they made me look aggressive and powerful, the stomach was also rather too evident for my tastes.

Some would say that at 45, I'm allowed to have one, but I don't actually want to look 45 so I've realised I've kind of allowed injury worries, and laziness, stop me from doing the exercise I should and so I've lost fitness.

Plus I eat bad food when I'm bored.

So, I've still eaten a bit of bad food, but I've run 7.6km, had a long bath, had my awful hair cut, and then spent an hour bowling at nets tonight. It's been hot work, to say the least, and running  alongside water just made me incredibly thirsty, and also wishing I owned a floating gin palace and could drink as much of the stuff as I wanted without getting fat or indeed dying.

I do actually want to drink more gin, but not with tonic water as I can't stand the stuff.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.06.18


  1. Hola que fotos mas bonitas.
    te mando mi blog por si queres criticar.


  2. That made me laugh. Tho I dont like gin, red wine will see me off

    Me ha gustado tu blog mas amenudo lo visitare.

  4. Lovely photos Simon. I am not keen on gin but white wine will do :)

  5. Tom Jones told Elvis to drink beer.
    Good advice was ignored. And
    The king kicked the bucket.

    Mr Jones, a man as fit as the proverbial fiddle,is still performing. Tonight he's on stage in Burgenland, in Austria.

    I used to work with a gin drinker. A lovely man, but sadly no longer with us.

  6. I love that first image, so serene.
    I love a glass of gin and tonic but only now and again. When I do partake I thoroughly enjoy it :)

  7. Thank you all! Enjoy writing for you.

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