Friday, 20 October 2017

The World of Ceramic Butterflies

I don't know how big a world it is, but the local women's wellness centre at the hospital has some lovely ceramic butterflies on the entrance. They are actually species accurate, and rather less vandalised than you would expect.

I can imagine them falling off the wall, and hitting the ground and shattering with a gentle tinkling sound. Which reminds me of something I've been working on while cycling this week, the gentle and expressive use of the bell.

We have a lot of shared cycle and pedestrian spaces around my workplace, and as the mornings and nights get darker it gets harder and harder to not have wee contretemps with them, especially as a lot of them are listening to Polish Rap-Rave at a loud volume.

Shouting at people is very undignified and rude, especially given the endless DAily Mail driven bad press cyclists get. So I've fitted a bell, just a cheap supermarket one, but it is very responsive to the force you tinkle it with. It can be strident, it can be quiet. It can be a punch in the chops, or a kiss on the lips.

I will keep practicing.


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  1. When it gets dark I find that a flashing LED cycle light usually alerts pedestrians that I'm right behind them.

  2. Beautiful butterflies... but I hope they survive!

  3. THank you both, they have done pretty well so far, out of range of drunks walking home. As for the LED light tip, I shall remember that.

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