Monday 30 October 2017

An Evening's Cycling

Well, I thought I'd really messed today up.

I was up and about like a flash this morning, checking in at the library, checking in with work, getting my shopping done, and lunching like a boss.

On granola.

Well, I was lazy and needed to use the milke.

Yes, I thought. I've got the whole afternoon ahead of me, I shall not waste it!

I then was stricken with one of those times where the energy just seems to drain out of me. I ended up lying on the sofa dozing for two hours in dreamless sleep, occasionally waking up and being unable to move.

It was after 3pm when I was able to get going again. The sun was dropping in the sky like the lead weight my head had been that afternoon. Was I going to walk? Was I going to cycle?

Despite the cold and approaching sunset, I decided to load myself up with lights, and go for a cycle.

I'm really glad I did! I got 25km in in about an hour, on a beautiful crisp evening with the sun looking beautiful low over the land. The Hawton guinea fowl were on the rampage again, the Cotham donkeys were taking in the sun, and various buzzards flew up from their hiding holes as I trundled noisily by, including one really enormous specimen.

It's going to be a cold winter, the newspapers tell us. I shall not waste it.


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