Monday, 23 October 2017

My First Geocache Hunt

My new slightly more whistles and bells than the old phone, phone, has been feeling a bit underused to me and I wanted some interest stimulating apps on it to do stuff with.

So I was just going through the options in the Android app store, when a geocaching one came up last night. I shrugged my shoulders, installed it and decided to see what I might find on my walk to Coddington village and back today.

I know geocaching has been around for a while - in the original days folk had to use their own dedicated GPS locators to find the caches from lists on the internet. Too much hassle for the likes of me. But now, with GPS on everyone's phones and apps listing every cache on this planet and probably a few hours too, formerly useless people like me can have a go.

It certainly opened my eyes to new little things I've never known about places I pass all the time. I hunted for 4 caches of the 35 or so in the vicinity. The first one was a plastic bottle in a tree trunk, the next a magnetic box stuck under a crash barrier, and the final one, most ingeniously, was in an empty snail shell with a magnet in.

I was quite pleased with myself when I found the first one and signed the logbook (rather, log-till roll) within. It's a fun way to find myself some new nooks and crannies to explore, I suspect!


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  1. I too have fancied do this but sadly my phone doesn't even take photos !a great way to discover new things.
    Amanda xx

  2. It sounds a lot of fun and something I have also fancied trying. Sadly my phone is ancient and doesn't have internet access let along GPS!!!

  3. Thank you for reading, it was fun to try something different

  4. It's a lot of fun to do and very addictive. X

  5. Looks to be a fascinating passtime.