Friday 16 June 2017

Our Unmowed Lawn at Work

While progress with the wildflower pictorial meadows has been slow, just leaving what was supposed to be a 90m, but has ended up nearer double that, stretch of grass verge unmowed has proved rather quicker in giving up bounty.

We've got thick beds of clover, bee orchids, wild sedam, little pink flowers, self heal,  perhaps another orchid species, corncockle, thistle and heaven only knows what else. I'm not a botanist.

Basically it would appear than rather than risk mowing the wrong bit, they've just decided to leave the lot of it, and by golly gee it has worked!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.06.17


  1. What a splendid lot of wildflowers you have there Si - I remember places like this from my childhood.

  2. It looks so lovely, so glad they have not cut it back...
    Amanda xx

  3. Love the Bee Orchid, looks like you may have a Pyramidal Orchid there as well.

  4. Wow two species of orchid! Someone on twitter confirmed that to me, really excited.