Saturday 17 June 2017

I am a Dog Mess Cricketer

Today was another of the rubbish ones.

I was actually expecting a day off today, the 3rds didn't have a game, but a few drops outs meant that I was drafted into the 2s for the first time this year.

Sweat was pouring off me just cycling down to our ground, let alone after doing a few warm ups. We fielded first, and after a fairly controlled start, the opposition coasted to 261 for 2 off 45 overs. We fielded really well, even my own usually stiff as a board self was good today, with no mistakes made at all.

Unfortunately against higher standard batting my bowling was rubbish, although to be fair no-one else's was very good at this point in the game apart from our two juniors. Couldn't bowl with the big follow through I need to succeed after my confidence was dented by an umpire's warning for full tosses.

Darn umpires. They are always having a go at me, I feel persecuted!

Still got a few past the outside edge of the bat, but a dead slow wicket like this was take's all my effectiveness out of the game.

When we then batted, I took as many of my clothes off as I thought I could get away with, and lay down on the boundary to do a not very good sketch of the opposite view of the ground. Meadow brown butterflies were out in the meadows, and also a banded demoiselle drifted by. The big spot however, was a brown hawker dragonfly, wings glinting brassily in the sun, patrolling the dog rose hedgerows.

After a super knock from our opener, we subsided, and muggins here after trying to bat straight and properly, managed to knock the ball onto his stumps viat the bottom of his bat.

Really in bad form at the moment, and utterly luckless. Another chance tomorrow. When maybe I won't be dog droppings.


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