Friday 30 June 2017

Danger Kitties at Work

Lot of admin type stuff today, as yesterday, but it was all done. Was doing my other comms tasks, when a facilities manager appeared with a rather odd request.

"We've got some feral kittens on the campus. RSPCA won't help as they aren't injured. What can you do?"

Our team gets all the odd miscellaneous tasks.

So, I went with him to visit a large bush at the edge of a lorry park, where he said the mother and 7 kittens were living. All these bushes are being chopped back for security reasons, and also the fact that, yes, it's a lorry park, means it is going to be unsafe for a family of cats.

I watched for a good twenty minutes, and saw nothing. But there was a bit of a whiff of cat urine in the air. Lovely.

What now? People have suddenly been talking about these cats all day all of a sudden, and several people have contacts with various shelters - the kittens could possibly be rehomed, the adults relocated to a farm perhaps - but none of them have the means to catch them.

Well, I can only see this leading to Keystone Cops type scenes, along with a lot of stress for the kitties and a lot of scratches for us. So I called up Lincoln Cat Care, who do have traps.

They are visiting on Monday hopefully.

I've been sketching cats drawing, smoking dope and being feral kittens.


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  1. ASk the Local Cats Protection Charity for a cat catching cage to borrow and then put some food in it - it might work

  2. WE will see what happens! Lincoln cat care are very good.