Monday 19 June 2017

Heat Anaesthetic

Again my cricketing exploits in 28 degree heat over the weekend led to me being really tired, but it was only during and after my 10km run today that I began to feel it - I was too tired to take photographs - and then when I got home I fell asleep with my mobile phone in my hand.

A 90 minute bath helped, reading about Chris Bonington's mountaineering expeditions. Feel non skanky for the first time in a few days now the day has cooled.

Neighbour's flowers very impressive at the moment, especially the black petunias.


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  1. Not many truly black flowers around, and to be fair, that one isn't, it's a very deep purple / violet colour

  2. Lovely flowers!
    I hope the weather will stay comfortable there.
    We will have a really cool Midsummer weekend, temperatures around 14 C.
    Stay well!

  3. Temperature will drop to 19 here, making my cricket and running a bit easier!

  4. lovely flowers, specially the black petunia!